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How to keep it clean with ZipWall® Dust Barrier

When carrying out any kind of maintenance work or refurbishment dust and debris can be a real issue. Not only is it messy and contaminates every surface but it can also be damaging to our health. OK so you've got all the right PPE but what about the customer or other members of staff. According to the HSE over 500 construction workers are believed to die from exposure to silica dust every year so protecting your customers and other staff is just as important as protecting yourself.


This article explains how the ZipWall dust barrier system can be used to quickly create a barrier around your work area to contain dust and debris when working. This article is also relevant to the current COVID-19 situation if you are looking to section off areas and create temporary barriers between staff and areas to help with social distancing.

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How to choose the right dust mask

When working in an environment where there is potential for you to breathe in a range of dust, vapours, fumes and spores, industry bodies and the Health and Safety Executive of the employer are committed to reducing damage caused to the lungs by such airborne contaminants. 

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What Is Dust Control?

So you're working in a dusty environment and know you need make the area safe to work in. Not just for you but for your team and your clients. This is known as dust control, but what do you need and what is the best way to do it? 

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Which ear defenders to use?

Hearing loss caused by work is preventable, but once your hearing has gone it will not come back. Around 17,000 people in the UK suffer deafness, ringing in the ears or other ear conditions caused by excessive noise at work. There are different products on the market available for protecting your hearing in the workplace, depending on your environment, the job you are doing and the length of time you are doing the job. Each ear protection product has an SNR rating.

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