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7 Helpful Tips for Choosing the Best Speedskim For You

The OX Tools Speedskim range has rocked the plastering world for close to a decade now. It’s had a divisive past — possibly the plastering world’s answer to marmite for a while there — but now I think we can all agree that it is a great tool to improve the quality and finish of huge areas, while reducing plastering time, fatigue and overall stress levels of the daily plasterer.  

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How to remove silicone Sealant

By far the best way to remove silicone sealant is when the product is still wet. Whilst it is still in its curing phase and before it has formed a skin, excess or incorrectly applied silicone is best removed just using a dry paper towel.

Certain cloth cleaners can also be used but remember to use them dry. The friction of a wet towel (especially a paper-based one) will remove uncured silicone better than a wet cloth which will tend to smear it. Whilst the silicone is still wet you do not need to use any other cleaning liquids.

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What Is Dust Control?

So you're working in a dusty environment and know you need make the area safe to work in. Not just for you but for your team and your clients. This is known as dust control, but what do you need and what is the best way to do it? 

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