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How to clean and store your paint brushes

In order to maintain the condition of your paint brushes it is not essential that you clean them after every use if you are continuing with the same work, for example the next day, you can just store them and have them ready to use when you need in the short term. You can do this by wrapping the paint brushes in cling film or an airtight bag and securing it with duct tape or masking tape. This will keep the paintbrushes good for use for around 2 days.

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Which ear defenders to use?

Hearing loss caused by work is preventable, but once your hearing has gone it will not come back. Around 17,000 people in the UK suffer deafness, ringing in the ears or other ear conditions caused by excessive noise at work. There are different products on the market available for protecting your hearing in the workplace, depending on your environment, the job you are doing and the length of time you are doing the job. Each ear protection product has an SNR rating.

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5 products for the eco-friendly decorator

If you work in the painting and decorating trade or are just decorating your house and care about the environment then this article is for you. In the 21st Century, brands are under more pressure than ever to produce products that are kind to the environment. That includes products that are bio-degradable, sustainable and that contain no harmful chemicals.

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