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Our Top 6 Easy Tool Storage Solutions from STANLEY® Tools

You’ve taken the time to research the best hand tools, power tools, accessories and PPE for the job — but how do you store all of it? How do you move all of it? The right tool storage solutions not only make moving and transporting your tools easy, but they can even make your jobs more organised and your van tidier. However, with such a large range of tool storage solutions out there how do you choose?

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World Men's Health Week 2021: Fighting the Stigma Around Men's Mental Health

TW; Suicide

Men’s mental health is a subject that is becoming increasingly talked about. In the past, the stigma around mental health has been hard to lift, particularly the mental health of men. Mental health awareness week 2021 brought about quite a good discussion surrounding men’s mental health compared to previous years, which is a good upwards trend to be seeing.

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7 Helpful Tips for Choosing the Best Speedskim For You

The OX Tools Speedskim range has rocked the plastering world for close to a decade now. It’s had a divisive past — possibly the plastering world’s answer to marmite for a while there — but now I think we can all agree that it is a great tool to improve the quality and finish of huge areas, while reducing plastering time, fatigue and overall stress levels of the daily plasterer.  

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What Are Your Favourite Brands Doing to Be Eco Conscious and Sustainable?

Here at Univar Specialty Consumables, sustainability is more than an aspiration — it’s at the core of our business. We believe in helping to build a better world Today, Tomorrow & Together, and that it is important to ensure transparency and accountability of our actions to continue company improvement through sustainability and innovation. Being a company committed to delivering sustainable solutions that create value for our stakeholders and help the environment, it is important that our partners share those same principles and demonstrate their own commitment through direct action.

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